Road and Site Preparation

Building site preparation is the first step of a new construction. It makes a construction site ready for building and helps a project get off to a good start.

Camp Construction Prefabricated / Modular Buildings

Through careful design we ensure a well organised camp that is fit for purpose and cost effective to operate.

Office/Housing Catering Supply & Services

Whether you are planning an early morning meeting, a working luncheon, an afternoon reception, or a formal wait served dinner, our Catering team is ready to serve your needs.

Wastewater Disposal Services

Specializing in environmental consulting services including hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment, transportation and disposal.

Catering & Housekeeping Supply & Services

Services specializes in providing remote sites with catering and cleaning services

Integrated Life Support Services ( Catering Maint & Housekeeping)

Offers a wide range of services (such as catering, accommodation, facility management and support services) and provides turnkey solutions to all of its clients

Trucking Rental & Supply

We have the moving trucks and commercial vehicles you need, from light-duty trucks to tractors. With technicians and facilities

Heavy Equipment Rental & Supply

No matter what heavy equipment you are looking to rent, our rental advisors are here to help every step of the way

Fuel Supply

We realize that reliable service and consistent, safely delivered fuel supply is essential to our customers