Catering & Housekeeping Supply & Services

  • Hiring a cleaning company to come to your home or office can be a chore in itself. We offer the highest quality of work. Each member of our team has many years of experience and are trained to ensure that you receive the best service.

  • perfect solution when you need more thorough cleaning than usual. For example, it can be perfect when you are preparing for some Holiday or waiting for the guests. Deep cleaning after the party is a good choice as well. You will need more focused and detailed cleaning in these cases. And it will be more useful than regular or daily cleaning, too. Also, if you are not used to the regular professional cleaning at your home, it is high time to try deep cleaning services. It is a great option if you have never used any cleaning services before, too.Don’t afraid to book this service for the first time. Because deep cleaning is actually the most suitable for the first visit. Then you will need just to maintain the cleanliness in your premises. So, further, it will be enough to use regular cleaning services.

  • If you want to make a thorough preparation of your home for new in-movers or tenants, you will need a move in cleaning service. It is also an option when you move to a new house. In the first case, you want to demonstrate the immaculate cleanliness of your home to a new tenant and put your best foot forward. In the second variant, you want to show the landlord that you manage to keep the cleanliness in the house.
    So, you want to leave only pleasant impressions on you in both cases. Our professional team of cleaners can provide in-depth and qualitative move in/ move out cleaning. After our cleaning and sanitizing, your premises will look as good as new.

  • We recommend ordering Home Cleaning Services as general upkeep of your home. If you have the cleaning done weekly or twice a week, it will help to maintain perfect cleanliness in your premises. Home Cleaning Services  are necessary, but they can change the general atmosphere at your home. The outstanding performance of cleaning work at an affordable price guarantees 100% satisfaction for our clients. So, our professional cleaners will check your home and search for the most contaminated areas. They will make a cleaning plan with all stages and details and checklist with all necessary supplies.
    To cater to some specific needs of our client, we offer flexible and easy cleaning packages such as Home Cleaning Services. We adapt to your schedule and perform the cleaning work based on your needs. You can benefit a lot from our Home Cleaning Services, regardless of what lifestyle you lead and occupation you have. A proper Home Cleaning can simplify your life and create a much healthier environment for your family at your home. Our team  will get your entire home cleaned, and our professionals will transform it into some neat and tidy place.

  • Services specializes in providing remote sites with catering and cleaning services. can help you solve one of the most challenging problems companies face when operating in remote parts of the world or in areas that lack sufficient accommodations for your personnel by delivering high quality catering, housekeeping, and rental equipment. Five Star Management Services  people-focused approach yields competitive advantage for our clients and rewarding careers for our employees. Today we serve virtually every major industry, and we’ve placed exceptional people in hundreds of roles and positions. Everything we do is grounded in our guiding principles to build and nurture quality relationships that allow us to place quality people in quality jobs. 

  • There's always something cooking . We offer you a full menu of catering and support services to housekeeping, laundry, janitorial and equipment rental. Whatever your needs are we are sure to fulfill them with the highest quality employees, equipment and customer service. By outsourcing these services with us, our customers are free to focus on their core business.